Tech Writer

Ocyan is a Cloud platform that allows FinTech businesses to scale up in the blockchain space, by providing all the required infrastructure in the click of the button. Ocyan increases the extent to which FinTech enterprises can easily and reliably...

Job Description

Ocyan is looking for a passionate intern that wants to work along with an experienced team in Cloud, Blockchain & FinTech. What we are expecting from the applicant is nothing less than enthusiasm, good communication and team working skills.


You will be trained with the services that Ocyan provides, along with the fundamental knowledge that is needed to understand the domain that we operate on.

You will be working very close to the product, tech & marketing leads.

The content that you’ll be writing about will vary in the lines of the active use-cases that Ocyan deliverers, along with the core innovation of our R&D. Such use cases are;

  • Payment Services utilizing crypto
  • Identity & management solutions
  • Charity & Donation solutions
  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Financial Institutions