JavaScript and Solidity Developer

JavaScript and Solidity Developer

MadFish.Solutions — is a software development company experienced in Blockchain and JS web with highly skilled professionals specializing in a full development cycle, from discovery phase and business analysis to launching and supporting. Our main a...
1000-2500$ per month

Job Description

Project And Team

We are a unique blend of young talent as well as seasoned industry experts. Our team has won several international blockchain hackathons and also according to the results of our cooperation we have gained the trust of Tezos, Ukrainian government enterprises, and many other partners from around the world.


  • Work directly with CTO and Blockchain Lead to tackle tough problems and find creative ways to solve them;
  • Implement smart-contract logic from scratch;
  • Integrate different blockchain and smart-contract solutions into UIs and back-end code;
  • Cover your code with unit-tests to ensure the stability of the software; 
  • Improve your skills and stay up-to-date with emerging technologies.

Must-have Skills

  • Good knowledge of Solidity (knowledge of other smart-contract languages would be a plus);
  • Experience in JS development (both back-end and front-end), TypeScript would be a huge plus;
  • Experience of using Web3 and ethers libraries;
  • Experience with Ethereum blockchain;
  • Experience with Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like (UTXO-based) blockchains;
  • Understanding of the differences between various consensus algorithms;
  • Proficient at using GIT;
  • Ability to work in flexible development methodologies;
  • Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures;
  • Skills of system development.