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Brand Builder

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, X8 Consulting is a boutique blockchain marketing agency. Our highly specialized team of more than 30 maintains an impeccable reputation amongst a growing list of the industry’s best companies. Our agency has speci...
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USD 12-15K, Token bonuses

Job Description


X8C’s Brand Builders drive multi-platform promotional campaigns with two primary objectives.

First, is to create a vibrant and enthusiastic community of engaged followers who will act as ambassadors to help promote their clients' blockchain projects in their trading circles and evangelise to other investors.

Second, is creating broad exposure across all major crypto discussion platforms and general social media.

As a Brand Builder, you and your team will be using your knowledge and experience in the digital asset space to support client projects with in-depth, interesting and engaging conversation and content among the online trading communities.

Ideally you are already an active participant in crypto discussion groups and communities and you are a crypto trader.

You will use various social media channels, including Telegram, Twitter, 4chan, Discord, Reddit, and Bitcointalk, to promote client content including their product features, announcements, roadmap milestones, and USPs (unique selling propositions).

Led by your Account Director, you will be a part of both short- and long-term marketing campaigns for a maximum of three clients where you will share information, news, and media, with a relevant audience of digital asset enthusiasts, traders, and investors.

You will be supported in this role by your Account Director, Chief Operating Officer, CFO, CEO and you will be provided with multiple resources including an in-house graphic designer and dedicated channel support.

This is a part time role, hours are flexible as long as KPIs are achieved.


- Fluent (near native) English
- In-depth knowledge about the state of the digital asset market, specifically altcoins
- Previous crypto trading experience (i.e. have bought and sold at least 2 tokens in the past 6 months)
- Basic awareness of some of the leading Telegram crypto trading channels
- Proficiency and awareness of dynamics and culture of social media platforms (Telegram, -Twitter, Discord, 4chan, Reddit, Bitcointalk)
- Ability to work independently and in a team
- Ability to converse naturally and freely while adapting to your conversation partners
- Flexibility to ensure availability for key events (Client news announcements, exchange listings, AMAs, etc.)
- Access to a computer and stable internet connection


- Meet or exceed all KPIs
- Support colleagues as required to ensure Team KPIs are met
- Ensure Team Tracking Sheet is filled in correctly each day
- Demonstrate appropriate values at all times
- Problem Solver - Think like your client’s CEO / Find solutions
- Team Player - Support each other to get the job done
- Deliver Results - Looks for ways to make yours and the client’s results better
- Deliver high quality work and actively seek outcomes for the benefit of the client
- Ensure engagements are ‘thoughtful’ and ‘crafted’ and not obvious 'shills'
- Observe and counter negative talk or FUD as it appears
- Identify and respond to client problems or opportunities as they appear

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Fluent English is Essential


US$1000 per month plus token bonuses