Trader investor relationship builder

Trader investor relationship builder

Behavior evaluation assessment
500$ per signup

Job Description


Hr Assessor is in the field of assessments in the field of financial markets.The evaluations are done to gauge the behaviour of the investors to aid the traders in planning and organizing their crypto investments, forex investments and wealth portfolio management.The company was established in 2014 and was initially in the space of human resource assessments later on evaluations were done in the space of crypto markets, forex markets and wealth portfolio investments..


Job description.

  1. The contractor should be proficient in trading and have a large pool of traders who have a large bank of investors who need guidance in future investment planning.
  2. The contractor should apply the legitimate form of networking or make introductions of people they know well.
  3. The contractor will need to be punctual and conscious of deadlines with respect to the number of introductions to be made in a month.
  4. Fixed Fee will be paid initially on per signup bases.
  5. The introductions to be made should be either from North America or Europe.


  1. Profound Knowledge of the crypto market
  2. Large pool of traders and investors should be known to the trader.
  3. The basic parameters for the best fit investor should be known to the contractor.