NOM Protocol Specialist

NOM Protocol Specialist

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Job Description


Node Operator Management (NOM) is a sub-organization within Lido responsible for helping the DAO define, adopt, and implement policies and procedures around node operator (NO) registry management, onboarding, operations, and protocol performance and health.

NOM is looking for a Protocol Specialist who will work with the Master of Validators (Head of NOM) to research, analyze, and interface with the protocols and staking communities that Lido participates in. The role’s focus is to serve as resident expert for multiple of the networks that Lido has a footprint on, and to develop deep familiarity with the dynamics around staking for that domain.

This entails:

  1. understanding the complexities, nuances, and key developments that underlie the networks the Protocol Specialist covers;
  1. being aware of and engaging with protocol governance (on- and off-chain);
  1. engaging and establishing a firm presence with the developer, researcher, and operator ecosystem on each respective network; and
  1. being a conduit of information and source of context internally, enabling robust decision making at the higher levels within Lido.

This is a full-time, remote-first position where you will be working with the DAO. Our contributors and stakeholders are spread throughout the globe, so hours vary, but we do our best to ensure that most meetings occur during times where all parties can reasonably attend.

What we're looking for:

Applicants should ideally be highly independent, able to both dive deep and zoom out as needed, and effective communicators. We are looking for someone that is comfortable in a highly unstructured environment and able to manage multiple threads simultaneously.


  • Assist in the execution of NOM core activities, including but not limited to:
    • Identifying and scoping possible new strategic, business, or investment opportunities (e.g. network expansions), in cooperation with the Protocol and Business Development teams
    • Working with Marketing & Communications on various initiatives, including:
      • Developing and reviewing documentation and guides with regards to how Lido interacts with specific staking ecosystems (both internal and external)
      • Creating guides on how node operators can participate in the various Lido on X protocols
      • Collecting and maintaining resources for node operators looking to get more experience staking on various protocols, as well as how to grow their organizations
    • Being an active participant and representative of Lido in both on- and off- chain governance
    • Engaging with technical communities to encourage open exchange of information and expertise
  • Assist the Master of Validators in developing and executing a framework for protocol risk assessments and mitigation strategies
  • Represent Lido NOM in industry working groups, and at industry conferences
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity through extensive process analysis and interdepartmental collaboration