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Payment in TRX & PLAT

Job Description

Introducing: GuildKeeper Program 2.0 🚀

Like most of you know by now, Guildchat 2.0 is almost ready to be launched. That’s something that we don’t want to do alone, and who else could better help us than our own community? Together we can make Guildchat 2.0 the best crypto app in the space. For that reason, we’re looking for a complete new group of GuildKeepers.

The GuildKeepers program was successfully launched earlier as a way to create a partnership program between us and some of our community pillars. This comes as a natural progression of our goal to spread our message as far and wide as humanly possible, which will ensure a constant flow of new users to BitGuild and related products/services.

GuildKeepers are crypto enthusiasts selected by BitGuild to represent the company and its vision within the app and on social media. As ambassadors, they are the link between the community and the BitGuild team — which means they have a seat at the table where they can share their feedback and suggestions. GuildKeepers are an example for the GuildChat community, moderating the channels and inspiring others to join.

What does a GuildKeeper do? 🛡

As an official BitGuild GuildKeeper, you’ll be tasked to:

  • Moderate the official GuildChat groups as well as create activities and discussions.
  • Assist with hosting community events on GuildChat.
  • Educate members on how the Guildchat app works and introduce new people to GuildChat.
  • Spread the word about GuildChat on social media and share articles/updates/news related to new features.
  • Report any unusual behavior in groups, bugs, or feedback from users to GuildChat team members.
  • If applicable, help translate documents for the team to different languages

What do GuildKeepers get out of this? 🙇‍

We’re not asking you to do this for free! Here are some of the perks you’ll be getting as a GuildKeeper:

  • Swag: Ambassadors will get branded material mailed to them.
  • TRX and PLAT: GuildKeepers will be compensated for their efforts in TRX and PLAT and have the opportunity to earn bonuses according to their activity.
  • Early access: GuildKeepers will be involved in beta-testing new products and providing valuable feedback to the team before products are launched.
  • Bragging rights: GuildKeepers can use their status as BitGuild ambassadors on their resumes.
  • Involvement in GuildChat development: As a GuildKeeper you will have direct access to a team that is willing to listen to your suggestions and feedback to improve the app.