community manager

community manager is operated by Gate Technology Inc. We are dedicated to security and your experience, offering you not only a secure, simple and fair Bitcoin exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and trading information.
Depending on experience

Job Description

Job Description

  1. Understand and play off of the dynamics of the industry, hot topics, etc to guide and enhance the userbase.
  2. Oversee the creation of visual content for social media channels on a daily basis with the design team.
  3. Create dynamic written content.
  4. Manage social media accounts, social listening and engage in social discussion.
  5. Analyze social media platforms to understand our audience.
  6. Answer any of the customers questions and guide them as much as possible.
  7. Social Media Reporting planning with the ability to identify and track relevant Community KPIS.
  8. Develop social media initiatives to support marketing programs and communication.
  9. Coordinate with other Marketing, PR and Promotion teams to carry out IMC strategy.


Job Requirements

  1. Native or Fluent English.
  2. A deep understanding of consumers and what motivates them online.
  3. Ability to take complex information and turn it into easy-to-understand content.
  4. Proven work experience in community management, digital advertising or marketing agency.
  5. Strong interest in Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies.
  6. Detail-oriented and organized.
  7. Self-motivated, adaptable, quick, responsive.


Preferred, but not required

  1. Mandarin speaker.
  2. Experience in Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Marketing.
  3. A user of the for many years.