React Native Developer

React Native Developer

The Omnitude Story Omnitude has grown from an idea to a living, breathing blockchain pioneer in the blink of an eye. We are a team, we never forget that, non-conformists that refuse to sing the same song as everyone else. Omnitude is able to a...

Job Description

React Native Developer

Who are you?

If you are an experienced React Native Developer looking for a challenging role building and overseeing UI development in a demanding environment of enterprise blockchain platforms and applications, we have your dream job. The position is  remote  and available to anyone self-driven, and with the passion, experience and capacity to contribute to our vision.

Key Responsibilities

  • Building and implementing the UI components for a middleware blockchain platform and its growing portfolio of multi-enterprise blockchain applications
  • Working with an exceptional and creative team to invent and create world class software
  • Reporting to the UI Architect
  • Create reusable, future-proof, UI and UX components and front-end libraries
  • Great understanding of UX/navigation design
  • Ensure the delivery of high-quality code to a huge client base
  • Apply accessibility best practices and usability testing
  • Ensure cross-browser/device development and comprehensive testing
  • Maintain company website and assist with marketing UI needs
  • Operate in a demanding environment of new technologies and application concepts
  • Design and write software technical specifications and perform unit testing
  • Document code and unit testing, etc..


  • 3+ years’ experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including ES6)
  • 2+ years’ experience with React
  • 1+ years’ experience with React Native for cross-platform usage (Android and iOS).
  • 1+ years’ experience with Redux/Flux architectures for app development
  • Solid understanding of the React lifecycle
  • Understanding of REST APIs, the document request model, and offline storage
  • Understanding of the various design patterns used in web and mobile development and how to implement them
  •  Experience with NodeJS and related technologies
  • Knowledge of mobile-first responsive design
  • Meticulous about clean, elegant and well-documented code and confident in deployment
  • Thorough understanding of DevOps, Jira, git, etc.
  • Excellent understanding of agile development.
  • Experience with WordPress/PHP, Advanced Custom Fields
  • Exposure to email templates, WPEngine, SEO Best Practices.

Preferred Additional Experience

  • Hyperledger, DLT, Stellar, Crypto, Self-sovereign identity management
  • Enterprise application experience (ERP, WMS, etc.)
  • Multi-dimensional data sets and hierarchical navigation
  • Data visualisation and advanced analytic presentation
  • HTML5 Ad banners/animation

What we offer

  • A market-related salary – in line with experience.
  • Benefits including Pension, Private medical insurance, Life insurance, Subsidised parking and Gym membership, to name a few.
  • An opportunity to work in a pioneering business at the bleeding edge of technology, challenging to disrupt the Status Quo and carve out a reputation for brilliance.
  • Fabulous team and positive work environment.
  • Recognition for everyone.