Freelance Developer

Freelance Developer

The platform for sustainable DApp ecosystem For blockchain platforms to take on sustainability and be operated in such a manner, developers should be able to develop DApps without any hassles, and users should be able to use it readily.
500USD/month (in FLETA tokens)

Job Description

We are excited to launch the FLETA Global Ambassadors Programme, to raise awareness and increase presence and growth of FLETA ecosystem globally with our FLETA Global Ambassadors.

Developers will test our mining interface, governance, exchange prototype, or masternodes network. Since our ultimate plan is for FLETA to become a DAO we wish to recruit, train & work with developers directly from our community. Getting selected for this category has very strict requirements.

Our brief screening process will require candidates to submit a form detailing their experience, and why they want to be brand ambassadors for FLETA.