Product manager - Chinese Required

Product manager - Chinese Required

Automia brings Resources solutions to the highest level. We assist Web3 Crypto and DAO projects by providing them with innovative and adapted HR solutions. Your project's success is based on its coordination: Development, Marketing strategy, Sale...

Job Description

Your daily work is roughly as follows, but not limited to this:

  • Responsible for the management and operation of product projects, and can independently complete product links such as demand analysis, prototype design, demand document writing, development promotion and product iteration
  • Responsible for docking and coordinating the technical team and design team, and promoting the product landing in an orderly manner
  • Assist with the relevant work of the operation and marketing team
  • Continue to track the product situation, through data analysis, put forward product optimization plan job requirements


Our expectations of you:

  • Have at least 2 years of product design experience
  • Having a sufficient understanding of the blockchain, and experience in the design and use of blockchain products is preferred
  • Can use English and Chinese as working languages ​​to communicate with users around the world
  • Have excellent expression and coordination skills, and have the ability to adapt and learn quickly
  • Pay attention to experience details and rigorous thinking logic
  • Able to work from 09:30-18:30 in East 8th time zone, with good teamwork spirit

    If it looks like a good fit to you send us your Resume to :