Blockchain Security Engineer - Chinese Required

Blockchain Security Engineer - Chinese Required

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Job Description

Your daily work is roughly as follows, but not limited to this:

  • Participate in all security-related processes of Ethereum DeFi;
  • Responsible for the internal audit of the smart contract system;
  • Work closely with third-party audit institutions;
  • Research/follow the latest blockchain technology development, security incidents, etc., and organize internal sharing.


Our expectations of you:

  • Computer science or mathematics-related major, more than 3 years of software security experience, more than 2 years of Ethereum smart contract experience;
  • Good basic knowledge of cryptography;
  • Have an in-depth understanding of languages ​​running on EVM, such as Solidity, Vyper, Yul, etc.;
  • Audit the DeFi system from a technical and economic perspective, including internal audit and cooperation with third-party audit institutions;
  • Have practical experience in using formal verification tools;
  • Have strong document output and communication skills, and be able to write high-quality safety reports;
  • Have a strong interest in the evolution of Ethereum and its ecosystem. It is better to have the following experience:
  • Participated in the development of core Ethereum, including but not limited to contributions to EIP, and practical experience in the development of DeFi protocol (not necessary, additional points);
  • Educational or working background related to economics.