Blockchain application server engineer - Chinese Required

Blockchain application server engineer - Chinese Required

Automia brings Resources solutions to the highest level. We assist Web3 Crypto and DAO projects by providing them with innovative and adapted HR solutions. Your project's success is based on its coordination: Development, Marketing strategy, Sale...

Job Description

Your work routine is roughly as follows, but not limited to this:

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining a trustless transaction matching system
  • Cooperate with zero-knowledge proof/circuit module to complete the exchange function
  • Based on blockchain L3, realize permissionless transaction matching consensus

Our expectations of you:

  • Have excellent learning ability and are willing to learn new technologies related to blockchain
  • Possess solid algorithm and programming skills, Go language development experience, familiar with Golang coroutines, channels and locks;
  • 3 years and above Go/Java language development experience;
  • Rich experience in database operations such as MySQL and Redis;
  • Have a go/solidity programming foundation, develop related algorithms for zero-knowledge proof, DApp integration, and design integration of related business scenarios.
  • (Additional points) Have trading system related development experience