Front-End Engineer

Front-End Engineer

$110K – $140K

Job Description

At Unlock, you'll work with experienced engineers, open web advocates, and entrepreneurs who founded successful companies with significant exits. Unlock will soon become the default business model for the web - and you should expect your code and designs to be used by hundreds of millions of users, all over the world.

We value positive energy, curiosity, and constant learning, so you should expect this job description to be slightly outdated after a couple of months. At first, we believe you'll help us with:

  • Tools for creators: You will be in charge of building a comprehensive yet simple interface to empower creators to create the locks they need and embed them in their own sites or platforms.
  • Checkout UX: Unlock will provide the best paywall you’ve ever used. It needs to be smooth and elegant.
  • Front-end architecture: Both of the goals above will be served by a robust and maintainable architecture. Your job includes making informed decisions based on these goals as well as implementing a technical foundation that will enable rapid iteration.

Candidates for this position should have a solid background in front-end technologies like React, Redux and the whole JavaScript stack. Previous experience in open source development and a strong interest in crypto/decentralization is a plus.

Experience Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in software engineering
  • Deep working knowledge/expertise with modern client-side JavaScript applications and frameworks (React, Redux, SASS...)
  • Advanced knowledge of the web stack and standards (ES6/7, PWA...)
  • You ship high quality, well tested and documented code to meet the needs of users, customers, and colleagues
  • High degree of autonomy and extensive communication skills to ensure efficient collaboration with other team members and our community
  • Be a steward and influencer of our early engineering culture
  • In NYC or willing to relocate

Additional Requirements

  • Experience working on open source projects
  • A passion for cryptography and cybersecurity
  • Interest in user experience and the visual arts