Co-founder, Full Stack Developer

Moon Assist was founded by a group of developers, designers and crypto trading professionals who firmly believe cryptocurrencies will reshape our financial system. We believe in a new system where trust and ownership is distributed to individuals th...
4% - 8% equity

Job Description

What we are looking for:
An experienced and enthusiastic Full Stack Developer that is looking for a challenge and wants to be part of a SaaS Fin-tech product in this exciting cryptocurrency space. You will become an equity holder with the same rights as the rest of the founding team.

Are you a Full Stack Developer with a thirst for knowledge, a love for new technology and an affinity for crypto? If yes, keep reading!

Experience Requirements

  • Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket
  • Heroku
  • Slack (Communication channel)
  • Trello (Scrum methods)
  • Handoff software like Zeplin

This role will be working closely with our platform development lead. It’s important that you are available immediately and are able to devote ±4 hours per day. Because we have a talented international team, it’s important you can be flexible with your schedule (depending upon your time zone). For the time being, we are all working for sweat equity until the company can raise capital or generate revenue. As such, this is an equity-only opportunity.

Are you eager to contribute to the future of cryptocurrency trading, be part of a founding team and own a piece of an exciting product? Yes? Then we are looking for you!