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                                                HOW TO GET STARTED AS A BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain, it’s been a hot topic for years now and seems everyone’s got an opinion on it, regardless if they know what they’re talking about or not. In this context some people choose to believe that all the hype surrounding blockchain is unsubstantiated and overinflated but growth in the industry and the rapidly increasing number of jobs is definitely real and very substantial. Blockchain developers are in high demand. On Upwork for example Blockchain is the most in-demand skill right now. At the end of July 2019 there were 16668 open job positions for blockchain devs. In such a rapidly growing market qualified specialists are bound to find some very attractive offers.  But how do you become one of those qualified developers that every company wants?  ⦁    UNDERSTAND THE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS First things first – learn and understand what the hell is everyone talking about. You can’t possibly become a blockchain developer without understand what is a blockchain and how it works. Learning the terminology and what everything means and how it works is absolutely necessary if you want to start working in the field. I would recommend you start here: if you want to save some time, but if you’re willing to dedicate more time to this aspect I will recommend the following books:  ⦁    Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain ⦁    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – A Comprehensive Introduction ⦁    Mastering Ethereum ⦁    Blockchain — A Blueprint for a New Economy There a lot more if you’re really passionate about reading about blockchain and cryptocurrency but these 4 books should represent a solid choice for someone willing to learn the fundamental and technical side of the blockchain technology. ⦁    START CODING So now you finally understand what blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts and all the other smart words mean. What now? Now starts the fun part and the most important one – CODING. If you’re going to become a blockchain developer you should know your code. People with programming background will have a huge advantage over those that don’t know how to code obviously, but if you’re in the second category don’t despair, there is a plethora of courses and tutorials online that can make you competent in a very short time. As is stands currently these programming languages are the most popular in the blockchain dev community: ⦁    C++ ⦁    Java ⦁    Python ⦁    Ruby ⦁    Solidity ⦁    Go ⦁    C# ⦁    JavaScript ⦁    Simplicity ⦁    Rust Here are a couple of free tutorials on how to build your first Blockchain application: ⦁ ⦁ ⦁ ⦁ ⦁    KEEP DOING IT Now that you’ve gotten so far there’s only one thing to do – repeat the process every day until you become proficient. Developing every day and staying consistent even when it feels hard or you don’t get something is probably the MOST IMPORTANT part, because most of the people will give up here. I hope I provided you with at least a decent idea of what you have to do and I really hope you will implement it and achieve your goals. Best of luck! 

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It's been one year since we decided to start our journey. One year of challenges, struggles and beautiful achievements. During this year we managed to get our feet wet, we helped people find jobs and we helped companies find great candidates. We want to thank everyone for giving us the purpose and the drive to make Crypto Job happen and we aim to make this year way better than our first one!