Common questions


What is Crypto Job?

We’re a recruitment and training platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists. Our goal is to create a community where people can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency, share their experience with other members and connect to companies that require expertise in these areas thus providing amazing opportunities for both candidates and companies. We list offers from companies from all sectors and all regions of the world who are interested in develop and drive innovation forward by exploring the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Why Choose Crypto Job?

We only focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency, therefore we only feature specialists and companies interested in this area. This eliminates all the irrelevant information from our platform leaving while making it the best place to learn about, find jobs and hire or find a job in an innovative area.

What are Crypto Job features?

If you are a company that is looking for a specialist you can post a job vacancy or contact any of the candidates registered on the platform. You can also use our premium features to make sure that you increase your visibility and attract more applications.

If you are specialist that is looking for a job vacancy you can fill out your profile with relevant information and apply to any opened application on our platform. You can also use our premium features to make sure that you increase your visibility and attract more job offers.

If you are a student or someone interested in learning about blockchain, cryptocurrency check out our learning resources where you can find courses and tutorials.

When Crypto Job was first released?

We launched in February 2018.

We believe that innovation is fundamental to long-term success, that’s why our mission is to help companies find the best specialists in blockchain and cryptocurrency, therefore encouraging sustainable growth and innovation.

Common questions

Getting Started

How do I create an account on Crypto Job?

Click the register button on the top right side. Provide all the necessary information about yourself, read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy and you’re good to go.

How do I apply for a job?

Once you’re registered on the platform click the Search -> Jobs button on the top of your screen. After that you have the possibility to view and search all the open positions available on our platform. When you find the one that seems right for you click Apply if you want to apply or Save if you want to save it for later.

What information do I have to provide about myself?

To fill out your profile click the Candidates -> Manage Resume button on top of the screen. Fill out all the information about yourself and a professional photo then proceed to upload your CV or fill out your Academic Degrees, Work Experience and Skills manually.

Common questions


Your personal information is secure with us

Because we care about the security of your data we have made your profile private, which means that no one will be able to see your credentials or your CV, until you apply for a job, in this case your potential employer will be able to review your resume.

Where do I report security issues?

If you encounter an issue please contact us at or on any social media accounts.